How It's Done

Printing Process and Timing

The most common question we get asked over the many years in the printing industry is, how long does it take. Our standard answer is approximately five days. This answer is sometime not satisfactory to a client, thinking that it can be done in one day. So what happens to your file when you upload. Over the years there has been a vast improvement in the set up time of an offset machine, but the overall printing time is still about five days. Here is a step by step standard printing procedure which is adopted worldwide.

Best way to avoid disappointment and late jobs is to just plan ahead. Give yourself enough time for design, this could take a few days depending on the job and include five days for printing and one or two days for the unexpected.

  • Plated, scheduled for printing
  • Printing
  • Drying and finishing
  • Trimming and packing
  • You upload your file
  • We download your file
  • Art department checks art
  • Scheduled for Plating


Your file will go through five different departments. They are listed here below. We streamline all the jobs, as they come in, they go into a pipeline and come out the other end. Unfortunately we cannot interrupt this procedure, to do so other jobs will run late and our production will slow down making it harder on our staff and clients.

  • Art Department
    Day One
  • Plate Department
    Day Two
  • Printing
    Day Three
  • Finishing
    Day Four
  • Packing
    Day Five
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